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Home Warranty Guide

Home warranties can be attractive to home owners or buyers who are looking at purchasing a property. These service contracts can cover all of a home’s major systems, such as the furnace or air conditioner, and will cover needed repairs if the appliance breaks or is damaged. Not all home warranties are the same. The cost of home warranties generally starts around $400 per year. Rates can increase with larger homes, homes with a swimming pool or hot tub or if you want additional appliances such as a washer and dryer or a second refrigerator to be covered. Experts say you should carefully weigh costs, policy allowances, and customer feedback before making a decision so that you ensure you are getting the best deal.
Service Call Fee: Each time you use your warranty, you will likely incur a service call fee. This fee is simply to have a service technician respond to your home and assess the repair. Once the repair is assessed, the technician will notify you what parts, if any, of the repair is covered by your policy. Labor is typically covered by the policy but you will almost always have some out of pocket expense beyond the service call fee.
Coverage: Each home warranty company’s website will list their plans’ coverage. Companies typically make them easy to read. Learning what is covered is very important but learning what is not covered is equally important. Owning a home warranty is not like having a bumper to bumper warranty on a new car. You will incur out of pocket expenses but the repairs are often far less expensive than if you were to contact a repair company directly.
Customer reviews: Web sites, such as,, provide reviews of home warranty companies. You also might check how each company is rated with your local Better Business Bureau as well. has become a very popular way to check reviews of home warranty companies. Home warranty companies are notorious for having poor ratings.
Feel free to browse the websites of these more popular home warranty companies to help make you decision.
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